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The majority of our clients are personal referrals from existing or previous clients. At G & R Realty, we don't just help our clients buy or sell their home. We educate our clients about all the aspects involved with home ownership including but not limited to the financial issues, holding title, and learning how to determine what the direction of interest rates.

G & R Realty clients always have sense of well being because they don't have to sacrifice large portions of their profits in order to pay for high real estate commissions.

Michael Duckor saved $55,000 in commission

"Our golf course home is in an exclusive community. A discount brokerage would not work out for us and G & R Realty was the perfect solution. We saved tens of thousands in commission and Adam represented both sides in our transaction."

John and Amy Maynard saved over $13,000 in commission

"We were very happy with the money we saved using G & R Realty. That allowed us to price our home competitively and still net the same profit as homes that were priced higher then ours. We recommended G & R Realty to our friends and they used G & R as well."

Robert and Holly Christian saved over $12,000 in commission

"G & R Realty worked out very well for us. Adam promised us full service and he delivered. He kept us updated with the market conditions, pricing and he even arranged to have our open houses held. We could not be happier."

Rick Hammonds saved over $13,250 in commission

"We owned a golf course condo and I always felt 6% commission was ridiculous. I found G & R Realty to offer a fair and honest deal. Adam was very professional and I am very happy with the way he performed. I would recommend G & R Realty to anyone who wants to save money on thier home sale."

Trevor and Amanda saved over $15,000 in commission

"Our friends John and Amy recommend G & R Realty and we were very happy with money we saved. G & R represented the buyer and that saved us even more money in commission. Our transaction has been very simple with no stress. Thanks G & R"

Brian Mitchell saved over $13,750 in commission

"We needed to sell our home because I was being transferred. The market in our neighborhood was starting to slow down and Adam helped us price our home to sell. We were able to save thousands in commission and are happy with G & R Realty."

Paul Byrnes saved over $18,000 in commission

"Adam was quite helpful. We were in the middle of moving our business and we relied on him to take care of everything. He really got the job done."

Rosemarie Pesquierra saved over $13,000 in commission

"Adam was great. I felt like I was his only client. He came to my house and did everything in person. He took care of everything. He even helped me reverse a prepayment penalty on my mortgage. I payed less commission and received more service."

Jimmy and Summer Saldana saved over $12,000 in commission

"We were really happy with the personal service. The personal service we received from Adam blew away the "full service" agent we worked with when we bought the home. Our only regret was that we didn't meet Adam sooner. Now we are out from our adjustable mortgage, and we could not be happier."

Tina Schifani saved $8,625 in commission

"Basically I had to sell my condo because of the market rolling over. I was really stressed out and Adam was incredibly helpful. I was very happy with the service I received."

Ed Casteloe saved over $6,175 in commission

"Adam helped our daughter on the purchase of her home and we also used him to sell our condo. We got caught in the transitioning market but it paid off. Adam helped us to price our condo correctly and kept us up to date on the current prices. We sold and we saved on commissions."

Donna Moore saved over $9,000 in commission

"My daughter moved out and I really wanted to downsize. I was worried because the market seemed to be changing and condos in my comple were not selling. Adam helped me price my home to sell and showed me how I would save on commissions by working with G & R. I would recommend him to anyone."

Eve Ruvalcaba saved over $10,400 in commission

"Thank you for saving me all that money! You guys were great and you stood by your word. I am very happy with the full service that you gave me. My complex had several condos listed for sale and my property went into escrow in just two weeks and the entire escrow completed without any problems at all. Best of all Adam helped me find the home I wanted in Feather Ridge and he helped me obtain financing. I was able to close escrow on the home I purchased on the same day as my home sale! I could not be happier with G & R Realty."

Rebecca Castelloe received over $4,000 for her cash rebate on her purchase

"Adam was fantastic! We really wanted a 3 bedroom condominium but we were very concerned about spending more money then our budget would allow. Adam found us a beautiful 3 bedroom Rancho Bernardo condominium in our price range and gave us a wonderful cash rebate. He handled the entire transaction from start to finish. We have also decided to list our Sabre Springs condominium with Adam. This is how real estate should be and I will recommend G & R Realty to all my friends.

Andre Roberts saved over $10,000 in commission

"Being a border patrol agent is a stressful job. I needed to sell my condominium and I did not have time to use a discount brokerage but I wanted to save as much money as possible. G & R Realty provided a perfect solution and I don't feel like I had to lose alot of profit to commissions. G & R always had an agent present for all of the inspections, the appraisal, and the walk throughs."

Dennis Shea saved over $11,000 in commission

"We considered a few different options and decided on using G & R Realty after Adam came out to our home and sat down with us. Adam sent us comps for our home at no obligation and was very up front and honest with us from our first meeting. He helped us price our home, and was very supportive through the entire process. It was important for us to receive full service because we had purchased a home in Washington so we had to sell our home in a short time period and we had to get a certain value for it. Not only did Adam get it done, but he made sure that the entire escrow process completed without a hitch. I have already recommended G & R Realty and will continue to do so. Thanks for saving me all that money!

Chris and Lisa Manzuk saved over $15,000 in commission

"We are very pleased with the full service we received from G & R. We could not be happier with the expertise that Adam provided us AND we ended up saving over $15,000 in commissions. Adam brought over comps to help us price our home, he placed our home on the MLS and Realtor.com, he helped us out with our open house activities, and he was with us through every step of the escrow process. We would recommend G & R Realty to anyone who wants to sell thier home, get great service, and save money."

Eric Farrell saved over $14,000 in commission in March

"This process works great. Adam came over and showed me all of the sold listings for the past year in my complex. He helped me price my home, and then he put it on the MLS. We received an offer and it only took 3 days to get into escrow. When we close escrow I will have saved over $14,000 in commission!"

Marty Sivakumar saved over $20,000 in commission

"Thanks again G & R. I just opened my closing statement and I still cannot believe how much money you saved me. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to sell their home..."

Alan and Annabelle Ramirez saved over $14,000 in commission

"We cannot thank you enough for all of your help. Adam walked us through every document, every disclosure, and even made sure that our escrow completed even though we had already moved out of state. When we come back to California we'll give you a call!"

Michael and Cathlyn Librizzi received a $10,000 cash rebate

"...You came in the nick of time! We had already submitted an offer for a home in Encinitas when you found our dream home overlooking Mission Bay. Some day we'll have that housewarming party... we promise. Your rebate was AWESOME!!"

Corey and Tiffany Rapp received a $2500 cash rebate

"Our first home! We still cannot believe it. Thank you for standing by our side and helping us get our home. Thank Adam and Diane for getting our offer accepted out of the 5 offers that were submitted..."

Dave and Behnaz Peterson saved over $19,000 in commission

"...It really works! Our buyer had no agent and you guys acted as a buyers agent for no charge. We couldn't be happier with the results..."

Dave and Behnaz Peterson purchased their home $10,000 UNDER the minimum asking price

"...We looked at homes from Poway to La Mesa to Encinitas, to Talmadge. Thank you for being patient and professional. The home you found us in Rolando is great... Thank you for coming to our housewarming party..."

Ed and Ruth Allen saved over $12000 in commission

"...You were very professional and we wanted to thank you for all of your help..."

Caroline Gnesda saved over $16,000 in commission

"...I can't thank you guys enough. Your agent was so cool. I am sorry that I was out of town for most of the escrow process and please thank your agent for handling all of the inspections and meetings that I could not attend. You guys are fabulous and thank you for saving me so much money..."

Tom and Shawna Perkins purchased their home $5,000 UNDER the minimum asking price

"...Please thank Adam for all of his help. He was able to get us financing and it feels great to be a homeowner...Best of all we stayed in our price range and we were able to stay in our present neighborhood. You guys really came through..."

Dave and Natalie Barnes

"..We wanted to let you know how happy we are! At first we were not sure how it would be working with you even though you were the listing agent but we were really impressed with your work. Thank you for getting us our loan and we will tell our friends about you... "

Chris Barncastle saved over $30,000 in commission

"...You guys were right.... I tried to sell my home on my own but it didn't quite work out.... Your company gave me exactly what I wanted and I was happy to see that you stood by all of your promises. When my buyer had no agent I wasn't sure how it would work out for you to be his agent as well but it turned out to be great. You saved me a ton of money...."

Joe Pasquarello saved over $27,000 in commission

"We wanted to save money on commissions and we live in a very high end neighborhood. We did not want to have a listing that had the discount realty stigma attached to it. We were very happy with our sale and G & R Realty performed well."

Kate Clark saved over $15,000 in commission.

"My family purchased a home in North Carolina and we needed to sell our home quickly. Adam helped us price our home right and had us in escrow in 2 weeks. Adam helped us calculate our net and showed us how we would save over $15,000 in commissions. He was right! "

John and Amy Maynard saved over $13,000 in commission.

"We were very happy with the money we saved using G & R Realty. That allowed us to price our home competitively and still net the same profit as homes that were priced higher then ours. We recommended G & R Realty to our friends and they ended up using G & R as well."


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